Simple garden

Your first crop for the home garden

To start your urban garden, we recommend that you begin to cultivate some of the following crops and vegetables:

Lettuce plant to start

Lettuces have a cycle scarce, and if you choose heterogeneity, convenient can be grown throughout the year. It is a vegetable feasible primarily to develop. It is not hugely demanding in their cultivation requirements.

For people who are new to the parterre in housing is a crop quite interesting because of its high consumption, occupying little cosmos and which has no headache, serious pest even leaks. It is also compatible with many vegetables like tomatoes, amaranth, onions, and carrots.

Get your Onions

In the same category that garlic growing onions are perfect for gardens at home.

They take up little space and are exceedingly productive.

They are compatible with most of the seeds and are nothing intolerant.

Get your Rabanitos for salads

It is a root vegetable concise cycle very much to like with strawberries for their color and flavor to start with the smallest of the house in the garden of the home.

The culture is elementary, seeding is made directly into the containers and occupies very little space.

The Rabbani is associated well with all vegetables (except those of his family, turnips, and cabbage) and can be grown throughout the year except for the moments of most enormous heat and cold.

Grow your home Ajos

Garlic is a very undemanding nutrient and irrigation.

This plant belongs to the lily family as onions and leeks, multiply through the bulb.

In particular of small cloves garlic, I am planting it as if it were a large seed.

Its cultivation is done from fall to spring and can be harvested when the leaves are still green for garlic or when they are dry and already fully formed for dried garlic bulb.

It occupies very little space in the garden at home and is compatible with all vegetables except beans, peas, and beans.

Garlic has antibacterial properties that make them immune to attack by pests and diseases.

And you, what is the first thing you are going to plant in your garden at home?

These are just some of the earliest crops for the most representative garden-grown vegetables at home.

They are also the easiest to grow. However, the chances of growing in your garden at home are endless, and everything depends on you and your motivation!

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