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Remedies against Mildew (part 2)

Garlic infusion made


  • Five large garlic cloves
  • A liter of water
  • Una be

This technique serves not only as a remedy for MiMildewlso for the aphid, different types of fungi, and mites that hide in our vegetables.

First, the garlic cloves are crushed, placed in soaking are covered with a cloth and left 24 hours in the water, once the time has elapsed without changing the rain put the previous day boiled for about 20 min, let cool and then place it in a spray bottle to employ only the petals crop.

Alcohol with garlic


  • Six large garlic cloves
  • Half a liter of Alcohol
  • Half a liter of water

The preparation is quite simple. Just have to process all parts until well Liquefied garlic, then pour the mixture into a jar and place a cool. Once it is icy, we can sprinkle diseased leaves.


It is a mainly preventive method to prepare an infusion with 50 grams of camomile per liter of water, allowed to cool this infusion base, and dilute it in nine liters of water; the latter is the one we spray our orchard, can apply in leaves, stem, and root.


Can acquire extract commercial use from the factory and apply as directed, or also if we have access to the leaves of the plant horsetail, can make an infusion with dry leaves 20 grams is enough boiled in liter of water, once has cooled we add 10 grams of sodium silicate is mixed well and diluted in 9 liters more water before starting to apply.

As chamomile works more as a preventive method that healing.

The Problem


Mix 10 grams of Proneem per liter of water, shake and spray the plants with the content of the mixture, while we are treating a diseased crop should repeat religiously once a week until I have completely removed as a preventive method can be applied once a month.

Ancestral origins, today is distributed under the name Proneem a manufactured product base neem tree, is a well-known tool fumigation and in different countries, is one of the preferred business methods not only for its effectiveness as mildew remedy, also for other fungi and insect, equally serves as a preventive method, is recognized to be friendly to the environment.

Methods preventatives Mildew

While it is entirely feasible to eliminate the fungus from the leaves through various remedies for MilMildewen it comes to the stem or contaminated fruit is best to cut it completely, since the fruiting fungus can not consume and already once it has corrupted the stem it is best to remove it.

Controlling excess moisture to prevent the occurrence of MildMildewnot water more than necessary, the plant will not absorb more water than needed, and surplus collaborates with a reproduction of fungi.

Prune the plants regularly

If it is a very dense garden, we must prune it regularly to let you can breathe in these cases. The lack of space creates moisture and, therefore, fungi.

Avoid over Fertilizers

Not pay more than necessary, excess fertilizer salinated land with which we were burning our harvest, at other times causes increased production of nitrogen with which we’ll win is a weak orchard full of fungi and microorganisms harmful to our culture.

Respecting the environment using Fungicides

Do not apply fungicides that are not environmentally friendly because the plants as living organisms like us have some microorganisms that can reach enférmalos but in turn, have others that allow a healthy and optimum life.

The problem here is that fungicides eliminate everything good or bad and would like to leave something like a human being without antibodies.

On the other hand, we also have in them the presence of chemicals that can be harmful to health, the most carcinogenic, and since we are giving the task of making our garden, it is best to do well.

Find a suitable location for your plants

Place your plants or orchards in an appropriate place where you can have some natural light and shade. Excess either will be reflected in the farm and fruit. Something as simple as a lack of sunlight can prevent the optimal growth of your plants. It is also a favorite focus for life forms such as the Downy develop.

Do not break the leaves of plants to avoid the appearance of Downy

We must be careful when handling those with large leaves like cucumber or aubergine as it can violate any sheets inadvertently, and by smashing the same fungi are created much more quickly.

It is better to prevent it!

Prevention is critical. We should not expect to see the first signs of fungus or pests in our nurseries to start acting. The best disease is not reproduced.

Do you know the crop well?

Finally, it is essential always to know the type of vegetable or plant that we or our garden, to succeed in this relaxing and beautiful task.

We should never overlook each planting cycle, type of irrigation, how we should pay it according to the terrain, and finally, all those little details that make the difference.

It’s just a matter of being attentive and keep in mind that plants are living organisms and, as such, require our dedication and love.

It’s not just sowing to sow the idea is to make it fun and experience the satisfaction of eating the first fruit or planted, cared for, and cultivated vegetables yourself.

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