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Planting and growing tomatoes. Easy and healthy! (part 2)

Should touch the sun directly, how long?

The tomato is a fruit that needs more sun, the sun of not even worth trying. They must be at least 6 hours of sun a day.

It is crucial and necessary to uncover it leaves to prevent the passage of the sun; it is also vital that the plant grows upright.

How much should I water the tomato plant?

While certainly the tomato is delicious and we love him dearly, it is also true that the plant is prone (if not have proper care) to any illness.

Still, this recommendation is for the “crop” for those who want a spacious garden of tomatoes, for they are advised that watered using either “t drop” much more controlled and can take step moisture suffering land.

Our tomato plant is not a water lover, natural much less moisture. It is recommended not to be very generous with irrigation or not do as often as we used to water our plants regularly, to avoid the plant (leaves) begins to attract a predator like flies or cochineal among some others, this is discussed later.

Tips and recommendations

To prevent our tomatoes are either in the garden or Planter cracking our home is vital to consider these steps:

We insist, stick with water, surely at some point will have seen at least in your life a tomato cracked and even detached from himself. This happens with the accumulation of water, among other things.

To this does not happen with our plant tomatoes have a greenhouse, it is best to apply the watered account drop during the early morning hours so that the earth can absorb heat from it.

Widely we recommend using vegetable waste to avoid disfigurement of our plant.

Curiosities tomato plant

  • At least 80% of people think the tomato is a vegetable, no. It’s, it’s fruit! Like her cousin eggplant, yes, she is also a fruit.
  • This beautiful plant is by nature a climbing plant, therefore, necessary estacarla (place a wooden stake of about 15 cm, at the beginning of its growth this will gradually increase in height as this increases) this will make the plant grow upright also serve him pitch during the training period as our tomatoes go by strong and significant, remember not to hold palmar not as strong growth tomato .
  • The tomato plant can grow much if we are not careful, can be a very dispersed plant, to avoid this we recommend is: blunting the apexes, cut the leaves from the tip after this reaches the meter. You can do this with your hands, avoid scissors!
  • Obviously, this and all plants should be treated with care and attention, something like with love! It is recommended to talk, if, as you read, talk, talk and even some music you place them from time to time. Remember that they are also living to be!

We saw as growing plant tomato even from the comfort of our balcony.

Besides talking now wider spaces and their care and maintenance, we will also discuss how to grow cherry tomatoes without ever leaving home!

Cultivating tomato plant in the garden and spacious

Care for wider spaces that our Planter on the balcony is all the care e’ ven talking but more perseverance and attention.

It is important as we said to keep our plant leaves low profile, allowing both the passage of light as the value of sun, avoid the shadow in our root. This will also protect us against any diseases that seek to harm our tomato sssss germinated our seeds in this case in a seedbed and in the period mentioned above proceed to make our 3 moves, remember that our tomatoes will be at least 2, or 3 weeks, next week we spent our beautiful plant our garden land or space air free.

  • The distance between plant and plant in the orchard is about 60 cm.
  • The distance between planting rows in the orchard is about more or a little less than 90 cm (not so much to make room for growth).
  • The depth in the ground should be approximately 20 to 30 cm on earth

For productive crops of tomatoes for at least half of the months of the year, staggered planting every three weeks during the first days April until the end of June.

To enjoy tomatoes with all their coséchalos, they taste when they have reached the right size and color according to your choice.

And ready! In approximately three months, in addition, we have a beautiful vine, a delicious fruit: the tomato!

Now for our bonus The tomato crop cherry!

Can I grow tomatoes cherries at home?

Definitely yes, if we can.

Not that the plant tomato cherry varié something to plant tomatoes “national” ides its beautiful size and strong and delicious flavor is a very beautiful plant insight

Excellent accompaniment in salads and juices with a delicious taste something sweet.

To create effect gases and our plant tomato grows strong, beautiful, and healthy, we can cover our Planter with some plastic, obviously, only part of the earth leaving our stem from exposure to air and sun. This will create a greenhouse in our pot.

We also pay our pot every 30 days with some earthworms or compost.

It is advisable to plant another plant next to the tomato to stay away from predators, especially our enemy flies. Parsley, for example, is an excellent option, in addition to excellent taste to our meals, keep our tomato plant cherry away from parasites and other insects.

Diseases and pests which are prone growing tomatoes

The tomato plant is characteristic for its sweet taste and appearance as red.

Insects and diseases are always a common fear among the plants, as the food chain is always present, and the plants are no exception to exit this area.

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