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Planting and growing tomatoes. Easy and healthy! (part 1)

Did you know…? The tomato is a direct family eggplant, potatoes, and peppers. Fruits and tubers filled with water, all rich in liquids that help our health miraculously.

Its origin is Mexican, but the tomato plant as seeds are all over the world is a global fruit. That’s we can all grow tomatoes at home.

Sow our fruits, tubers, and vegetables, as well that may be a natural de-stressing at low cost, the beautiful colors will reward us and provide to our home, without the joy of eating what we care and we water throughout the production process.

Growing tomatoes at home, garden, or orchard is an excellent choice for both our health and for our children. Keep everything we eat healthily as free from pollution to reach our palate is increasingly vital for all day, so we do not need much.

Plant tomatoes are an activity that will benefit us in many areas, personal, family, our food, and our daily lives.

Our favorite tomato is a straightforward plant to plant, maintain, and build!

Where and how to plant and grow tomatoes

This point is critical because, according to where you will place growing vegetables may follow the most appropriate advice.

If you have ample space, you must take into account or consider how much sun you should receive cultivation, pests, fertilizer should have the land, or if it is fertile enough to keep the plantation in good condition and full of nutrients. You should study the amount of fertilizer that can be empty or if necessary.

However, if you use pots or a large seed type, you must assess these aspects mentioned above, but always taking into account the amount of sun you should receive.

Conduct a home vegetable garden , from the balconies of an apartment is not involved, not a crazy idea, we explain all the details of how to get a beautiful and healthy tomato plant “national” delicious cherry tomatoes in pots or small or land garden from the comfort of our home with simple materials that have insurance at hand!

When is the best time for growing tomatoes?

It is recommended that during the months of G major and “h” h months April, May, June, (strongly it at the beginning of the hot season starting the summer is recommended).

Should I plant tomatoes directly into the ground or in a container to germinate?

It is recommended that the plant is maintained during the first few weeks in a small nursery, during the early stages of growth that or in any container.

How long on the container or nursery?

About eight weeks

Can I have the tomato plant in the window of my house?

As we comment and suggest at first, if you can plant tomatoes in your window and you can not plant vegetables in the garden, do not worry.

This plant does not usually take large in a small space, either a balcony or a living home.

In the case of tomatoes planted in the orchard, recommendations will be others.

What kind of land do I need?

Like all plants generally, the soil should be fertile land by nutrients, manure, or compost.

In general, natural waste serve very well as a form of natural fertilizer and meager costs, shells banana, banana, eggshells, shells avocado, orange peel, apple, so that plant residues are many.

How to germinate seeds of tomato?

Tomato seeds were sown in a small container with tiny land, something like three fingers, which it receives a certain amount of moisture and sunshine, plenty of suns.

This must be done during the warmer months of the year (April, May), at most two or three weeks proceed to transfer carefully to a package of small plastic, something like a container of gelatin, an excellent idea is to take a small cup of water and chop half, pierce the bottom and there germinate the seeds, works excellent, we recycle and save some money.

A week after the second transfer, proceed to plant in a large pot or in a field, orchard, or suitable space for you to grow.

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