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Like killing rats and mice. The best ways to eliminate rats and mice

You want to kill these rodents. Eliminate mice and exterminate rats is what you want and will explain step by step how to do it.

Are we wrong?

In this article on how to kill rats and mice, we will resolve the following issues:

  • Do you have problems with rats and mice and can not find a remedy?
  • Do you think in your attic dwelling rodents and do not know how to check?
  • How to kill rats and mice immediately?
  • What is the best Cataratas market?
  • Are there effective traps for rats?

You will see effective solutions against the most common rodents. We will give you the ultimate solution to eliminate rats and mice everywhere.

Why is it essential to ward off mice and rats in your home

  • They are carriers of diseases that we can transmit to both us and pets.
  • Generate an annoying noise that does not allow us to be quiet in our house. They walk the walls creak and can damage different elements with their gnawing.
  • They reproduce quickly, and whether or not we get down to work on the slightest suspicion, the problem will be much harder to solve.

How to know if I have rats and mice in my home

The first thing to ask is whether we have this problem, or is it another pest that is bothering us.

Many different signs will help us detect the presence of rats in our home.

In addition to the sounds made as climbing walls, wood cracking night, and squeaks (the characteristic sound of the rats), one can also say rats have by finding the following.

How can we ensure 100% that we have a problem with rats and mice?

Both rats and mice were rarely walking outdoors in broad daylight.

It is not easy to detect their presence because their activity is more active at night.

Although dark spaces discover them efficiently, which will list the most crucial clues to be aware that we have a problem:

Rats and mice leave their mark: looking for their droppings

If we find excrement as you can see in the picture below (the stool can be this size or tiny), do not hesitate ! it means you have or have walked home, rats, and mice.

Rodents are always in search of food

If you find holed boxes, broken bags of food or food will disappear without explanation, worry, you have rats or mice in your house!

If you find “constructions” made in your house, garden, orchard store … you have not, means that they have created their own little home in yours.

They love to make nests with fabrics, wood, resistant to protect leaves. Typically they installed inside closets, behind furniture or boxes, always trying to hide.

What are the most effective methods and solutions to kill rats and mice

Exterminating rats and mice that have been installed in any room of your home is not easy.

These rodents are very smart and try to avoid your traps whenever they can.

Though perhaps only be a couple of rats, you should take steps to get rid of them because we all know that these rodents are prolific breeders. If you do not hit them with rat poison effective at first, we could end up with a plague and having to call an exterminator professional (a situation which will result in much higher costs us).

There are several ways to eliminate rats and mice in your home, and then we ‘ll show the most common use with their recommendations.

Cataratas effective methods: Rat Poison

On the other hand, if you want practical, quick fixes and you can find at very affordable prices, we must think about the rat poison and traps for rats and mice. Below are discussed, read on!

As we discussed, we continue to deepen the methods that are based on:

  • Mice and rat poison
  • Trap for rats and mice

The great advantage of these methods is that they are remedies against rats and mice faster than home methods.

Here we review some rotgut active and ready to use products from top brands.

Paste bait to eliminate rats and mice Floracom

The presentation paste makes the most appealing and effective bait.

It can be used both indoors and outdoors and gives results from 5-7 days.

It is distributed bags already prepared the paste in the affected area.

For details of your application and buy rat poison paste format, check out the flagship product of Bayer Garden, you have two sizes:

Rat bait based on the potent anticoagulant difenacoum of Floracom

It is as effective as the previous one but is more appropriate if we need to use it in damp rooms because the product is more durable in wet conditions.

For details of your application and buy rat poison bait, check out the rotgut product of Bayer Garden :

Other rat bait

In addition to the above, which are mainly recommended by experts and that make rats blindly approach where we need bait, other foods might have thought to put as bait for rats, and that may work:

  • Peanut butter
  • Bacon
  • Meat
  • Most fruits and vegetables
  • Cereals
  • Cheese (obviously)

Remember that these rat bait used to attract rats and mice.

Once attracted, beeches have two options: the rat traps or use potent rat poison to end them once you draw your attention.

Traps for rats and mice

Traps for rats and mice is another option we have to end this scourge. It is the easiest and clean format.

The rat trap that we present, including the first administration, admits successive bait and bait refills must be purchased separately. Indoor use is recommended.

For details of your application and buy traps for rats and mice, check out the trap offered by Bayer Garden:

Other traps Cataratas and methods to flush rats and mice

Glue or sticky traps

These traps are also for those who are sure to have tried other methods; consist of covered surfaces a very muddy glue and space where the bait should put mice entering; at the time the rat is about immediately its legs (initially) be subject to, after attempting the display rodent suppressed.

The advantage is that they are disposable and are also suitable for other insects from home stay stuck there.

Moreover, its main disadvantages are that some rat largest-ever manage to free themselves and return to step one and can usually be stuck together. Still, alive, so uncomfortable and unpleasant, it would be to get rid of them.

It is also regarded as “inhuman” by environmentalists, is very true that it is a long martyrdom for the animal.

Finally, the glue tends to crack or dry out, so you’ll have to find a new but has not caught anything.

Repellent ultrasound for rats and mice

In some cases, many people feel that to scare the mice enough for them.

It is recommended for apartments in buildings where the presence of rats is usually minimal, and often, what is required is to remove or take out of our area home, that noisy little mouse.

For this purpose, they sold repellent ultrasonic pest. Some focused directly on mice and others with a broader spectrum to ward off different rodents and flying insects.

These devices are highly annoying for small rodents acute ultrasonic waves that are inaudible to humans, but doing to stay away from protected areas, are very active and if you have a pest and install sure your neighbor tell thanks to you.

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