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How to grow peppers pattern

It is a pepper highly prized for its high gastronomic value as fried pepper garnish to accompany potatoes, meat, and fish. Did not you ever try it? You’d recommend it!

It is a variety of pepper fruits of small, triangular shape and fine meat.

The plant is very productive has a semi-early crop and is of medium size.

Cultivation Padrón peppers


Planting is done from January to May in seedbed protected to transplant the plant to its final place of cultivation (orchard in the countryside, cultivation tables, pots ….) When the plant has 5 to 6 real leaves.

If planting is done early in the year, have to make a replicate a small pot before making the final transplant, which is performed when the good weather and high temperatures arrive.

But wait … if you do not have seeds Padrón peppers, how are you going to cultivate?

Padron pepper seeds

If you make cultivation in the garden, the soil must be fertile, well-worked, and airy. It must have good drainage to prevent waterlogging, and before planting is necessary to make an excellent basal dressing with manure or vermicompost.

If planting is done in a garden in containers, the substrate has to have proper nutrients aeration and good drainage.


Requiring irrigation farming Padrón peppers is a frequent watering without being too plentiful and always avoiding the puddles that can cause diseases related to fungi.

Remember that if the culture is made in irrigation containers have to be much more frequent, almost daily, providing water without excess.

Harvest time

The collection begins in June. If left too long, the fruit on the vine pepper spicy flavor becomes.

Do you like spicy peppers, Padrón?

If we do not like hot peppers, Padrón will have to collect them before they reach a measure than 4 centimeters.

Attentions to be taken with the cultivation of capsicum Padron

Most common pests in the advancement of Padrón peppers:

Insect pests such as aphids,  the red spider mites, and whiteflies are the most common in cultivation.

To prevent and combat its appearance on the ground, you have to apply organic insecticides such as potassium soap, the purin nettle, and preparations neem .

It appears when irrigations performed excessively wetting the aerial part of the plant and puddled cultivation. To prevent apareza, perform preventive treatment ponytail.


To make successful cultivation is essential to make good partnerships, the most indicated are:

Basil (prevents harmful insects attack the plant) other right partners would be garlic, onions, lettuce, radishes, and carrots. Never associate with cucumber crops or potatoes.

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