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How to combat cochineal insects and tips to remove (part 2)

Remove mealybugs with natural methods

To remove the cochineal, more natural methods use a cloth soaked in alcohol and remove all the pest mealybugs well, reviewing all plant leaves.

For less accessible areas of the plant, we can use a cotton swab.

Alcohol will soak cotton will remove alcohol and mealybugs.

If the plant is quite large or has many infected plants can spray the plants with a mixture of rubbing alcohol and liquid soap diluted in water well.

Then take a cloth or cotton will remove all manual mealybugs.

Potash soap is considered very suitable for treatment to combat mealybug and other pests like aphids or spider mites and fungi as soap downy and powdery mildew.

Mealybugs eliminate chemical methods

To complete the above is convenient to perform pesticide applications that can remove or prevent mealybugs are reappearing.

After removing all mealybugs’ hands, we will take a systemic insecticide for mealybugs and sprinkle the whole plant.

It is important to note that the affected plant should be separated from those who are not concerned to avoid possible infection.

Often also we revise the plant and its leaves. We pay special attention to the bottom of the stems and the undersides of leaves to check that it has not survived any.

Every 15 days is due to repeat the application of the plant protection product to combat mealybugs.

In the case of plants like yuccas Tough leaf ficus or brightener, insecticide spray may be used in addition to killing mealybugs gives a shine to the leaves.

These application methods require a series of special care to avoid damaging the plant or to prevent the product from being eaten, especially by people or pets.

There are some very suitable insecticides nails to treat mealybugs. To apply, they are well-watered plants, and then the pins are inserted into the ground.

These are dissolving, and the roots absorb the product and driven by the vessels with the sap. Mealybugs suck the product and die.

This method is much less dangerous for people and pets to not dissolve in the air.

Using insecticides against mealybugs

When applying plant protection products will consider the following recommendations:

Spray the plant in a well-ventilated place

It is vital to spray pesticides to combat cochineal in a suitable location. Plant protection products may be toxic to humans or animals in the house.

If you can make the copy to spray the terrace or garden much better, we must open our windows and sprinkle in the hallway at the entrance of the house while we isolated the restroom, closing the doors.

If plants are in rooms with animals and we can not remove them, we get the animal room. Cats, fish, birds, etc. are likely to be affected by these products.

Sometimes we can not take animals from the room as with fish tanks. Then it is necessary to prevent the product from accessing the animals, and for this, we will protect the cage or tank.

previously wash the leaves of plants with soap and water

The use of these products by their oily nature provides high stress to plants.

If we wash the leaves, get this breathe better, and reduce the stress we have.

Wash the right and the right amount of product away. The application distance is usually about 50 centimeters. Shorter intervals can damage the plant.

Apply the right amount of product

Likewise, our plant can be affected if we apply too much product.

It is essential to know that you have to use the right amount to dip the entire plant, but without the product accumulate. The most important part is the undersides of the leaves of the plant.

The product should not be applied in too cold or too hot days

Too hot or too cold, it involves an excessive effort to plant stress produced by spraying adds.

It is also advisable not to let the sun treated the plant. Treated plants are kept in the shade at least 24 hours after spraying.

Carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions

It seems obvious, but it is the best way to avoid possible interactions or side effects on other plants and potential damage to people or animals.

Remove mealybugs with biological methods

We understand by biological means using other plants or animals to combat cochineal.

Among the possible include the following:

Using other plants to combat cochineal

Among the most interesting plants are the following:

  • Fern
  • Tobacco
  • Oregano

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