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Grow parsnips (part 1)

What are parsnips?

The parsnips belong to these plants, which are called white carrots as it has a high resemblance to them also offers plenty of properties that can become healthy for our health.

Today’s topic is, learn from everything about this vegetable, what are the necessary recommendations for proper cultivation, the benefits that can cover the properties of a parsnip, and how it can contribute to the dietary process of a person, among others more aspects.

The important thing is that po Dras cover your curiosity and any doubts you had about this rare vegetable.

Growing parsnips

It is worth mentioning that the parsnips in different countries are used as a medicinal ingredient to relieve some diseases. It is, for this reason, it is considered essential to bring on it.

Parsnip is a vegetable, which generates some readers a little reluctance in use for not knowing how we can eat or use them.

But they should not worry because it is an excellent add more, ie, ingestion can implement it as a condiment or ingredient, because it offers exceptional taste sweet and simple recipes such as creams, soups, and roasts, among other varieties.

Recommendations to grow parsnips

To carry out the cultivation of parsnips must follow a series of recommendations that will allow a lasting and healthy crop for this vegetable, it is for this reason that appropriate follow signs to be commented to carry out the above

  1. The space in which to cultivate the parsnips must be rooted and is of little stones so that the crop is suitable for vegetables.
  2. Before introducing the seeds or the bud is necessary that the land be well paid, well cleaned, and maintained so that the silver healthfully play.
  3. One must consider that the seeds of the parsnips are to withstand high temperatures is, the ice cream is perfect for development; It is, therefore, advisable to be planted at the beginning of March so that by the end of May, it was 100 percent ideal find for harvest.
  4. You need to make daily planting irrigation, as it is vital that the soil remains wet enough for the development of chiribía is good. It is essential to be very careful with how watering since they must not create puddles on the ground because the plantation can die from too much water.
  5. Exposure to sunlight should be relatively good, ie, must have sunshine but not too much because this would lead to the soil to dry faster and can get cracking vegetables directly damaging the crop.
  6. Keep daily care to prevent pests that can sicken cultivation. It is essential to use insecticides or natural measures to avoid any insects that can permanently affect them.

Pest or disease to avoid for growing parsnips

Although many types of insects that can damage our crops, we will name those who are likely to attack your vegetable.

  1. Aphids: they are a type of insect that affects and damages from the leaves and stems to plants, being a hazardous type of crop pest. It should be noted that it is a bug that can keep your body virus can sicken vegetables without steps to save them.
  2. Worms or caterpillars are small forms of insects in their growth forms that tend to affect the leaves of plants. They devour them slowly and then leave them to grow and be butterflies, but this damage can be irreversible and very harmful to the existential cycle dl growing parsnips.
  3. Carrot fly: is considered to be not very common to observe in these plantations, but they may form small holes in the roots of parsnips, resulting in that it can not be reproduced correctly.
  4. The mildew: is a disease forming fungi in plantations, causing the plant to die slowly, preventing them from reproducing.
  5. Nematodes: is a type of insect that attacks the roots of plants exponentially damaging the plantation. It is to emphasize that it is essential to take proper care of plants.
  6. Burns leaves: these are desperfecciones observed in the leaves of plants, where relatively hurting him finish it.

It is essential to consider all diseases and pests that can damage crops so that it can perform proper measures to counter this.

Indications to keep away pests and diseases of growing parsnips

When researching, you’ll find many ways to maintain a healthy crop insect and disease-free, but if you do not have any knowledge of these steps here will give you a little information so you can keep groves parsnips open from any bug.

  1. You are needed daily supervision of the garden of parsnips so you can water it, fertilize it or see if you have an insect that can damage near the plant.
  2. Use natural means necessary to consider effective they can keep the bugs away from the stems, leaves, and roots of parsnips.
  3. Insecticides applied if you do not have ideas of natural means or not find the necessary ingredients to make them, although you can consult a gardener or a specialized theme garden or gardens person.
  4. It uses the same plants in your favor. Some have aromas that frighten any insect, facilitating the way your garden free of pests that can affect them are.

It is essential to follow the above directions to the gardens or orchards and find healthy so that eventually, you can get a good harvest.

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